From sketch to reality : Pregnancy Photoshoot

The need to be prepared.

When you want to make something works it takes time and it takes effort.

And so that’s what we took to make this photo happen



first was the idea : to do a photoshoot by the seaside, so we had to find a suitable location, went riding around the coast and found that little spot with this rock right next to it, also had to be there at the same time the shoot was to take place to check light direction and conditions for that particular time of the day.


I wanted my photo to have many layers

underwater → waterline →water → rock → Janet → sky

Just like my cakes I like my photos to have layers 🙂

So this spot was the perfect location for that image

Then we submitted that idea and sketch to Janet who gave us confirmation.

The next step was to organise transportation and equipment, to allow me to shoot underwater I had to use a waterproof housing for my canon camera while still making sure I could trigger flash on the surface.

find a suitable outfit for Janet to wear and of course a date that would work for everybody

Once this was all settle we drove to the north east coast of Taiwan to create that image.

As we were there we took some extra photos around that rock and surrounding area but the main photo was this one, it was what we can for and what we achieved.

Explained in just a few lines may make it sound easy but required a lot of effort from everybody involved to achieve, Janet was very brave to pose outdoor on such a hot summer day while being pregnant, my wife and assistants provided all the support needed so we could create this image together.

Many thanks to Janet who accepted this challenge and our team who made it happen.


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